6 tips for choosing the right health insurance for your dog


I suggest you discover 6 tips and advice to choose the insurance of your dog and do not fall into the pitfalls that some insurers conceal through their offers. This article completes my previous article on the criteria for choosing insurance for your pet . Indeed, if it is easy to subscribe online to a health insurance for your dog, take the time to study the proposed formulas to choose the one that suits you best.

  • Take the time to study the formulas
  • Measure contributions
  • Play the competition
  • Additional options
  • The duration of the contract
  • The waiting period

1) Take the time to study the formulas

Some proposed formulas only reimburse in case of accident or in case of surgery. I advise you to choose a more complete formula that will cover you more in case of illness. These formulas vary according to the level of guarantee.

  • The economic formulas (5-10 € / month for a dog) that support the costs related to operations, hospitalization, surgery, etc … They are certainly less expensive but only reimburse big accidents.
  • The standard formulas (10-25 € / month for a dog) that support minor illnesses.
  • The premium formulas (25-50 € / month for a dog) who also offer reimbursement for prevention costs: annual checkup, vaccinations, pesticides …

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