8 reasons to adopt a black cat


The black cat is not bad luck

In the West, during the Middle Ages, tenacious beliefs accused the black cat of being the incarnation of the devil and focused the fear of Satan on these poor felines. The mere fact of owning one could make you accuse of witchcraft!

As a result, the black cats were accused of all vices and became the victims of numerous tortures and barbarities, especially during the Saint-Jean pyres.

It will be necessary to wait for the rule of Louis XV so that these sad customs come to an end. But since then, the prejudices about black cats persist … whereas like no other cat, their jet-black color does not bring bad luck!

There are very popular black cats

salem black cat sabrina

Between Salem, Sabrina’s cat the apprentice witch , Sylvester of Titi and Grosminet , Figaro in Pinocchio or Berlioz in The Aristocats , famous black cats do not miss!

They have the marine foot


The sailors are known for their superstitions, and also for their lack of tolerance towards certain animals, especially rabbits, to the point that it is forbidden to pronounce this word on a boat, or the rodents, who attack the provisions, gnaw the ropes and bring diseases on board.

As early as the 15th century, they became an ally of choice: the cat! Colbert, minister under Louis XIV, even imposed on the Royal ships to have at least two cats on board. On some ships, especially British, a black cat placed on the deck, in case of flat calm, could help to lift the winds …

They have a superb look

The black of their fur brings out the color of their eyes, whether they are yellow, green or blue!

There is a breed of black cats

cat breed bombay

Although it comes absolutely from India, the bombay , was created in honor of the black panther, crossing misty cats and American Shorthair . An elegant cat with a supple and elongated body, covered with a fur with black hair, short and shiny!

Elsewhere, black cats are lucky

For the British, black cats are good luck! The presence of a black cat in a home would bode well for a girl to marry, promising him many pretenders. In Brittany, a belief says that every black cat has at least one white hair, which serves as a talisman for anyone who manages to tear it off!

These are the least adopted cats

poster spa black cats dark handsome

Sad report made by associations and refuges: black-coated cats are those who remain the longest without adoptive family , often shunned for redheads or tigers.

In the United States, this phenomenon even bears a name: the “black animal syndrom” . This is why several sensitization operations have been set up, such as “Les beau tenebreux”by the SPA, or “Adopt a black pearl” by Second Chance. 
So what are you waiting for to adopt yours?

They were crazy black cats

Long associated with bad luck and evil, black cats have not always been the best considered over the centuries. Yet, some black cats will have marked the existence of some great characters in the story. Here are a few !

Charles I of England

The belief that crossing a black cat brings bad luck was somewhat revisited by King Charles Iof England: accustomed to the company of a black cat he kept at his side day and night, persuaded that he was lucky, he was terrified when he suddenly disappeared, to the point of not wanting to leave his apartments before the return of his lucky cat.

The story tells that the same day, Charles I was arrested, then beheaded for high treason …

Louis XV

More charmed by The General, his white angora cat, which he allowed to climb on the Council table during the meetings with his ministers, than by the black cats, Louis XV was however the one who put an end to the terrible tradition of the pyres where the Black cats were thrown on St. John’s Eve.

Until then, black cats were always considered as incarnations of Evil, companions of witches, for which they had the same fate as their alleged mistresses. Thanks to Louis XV , these practices, which he called “Barbarian and primitive tradition” , finally disappeared from the capital.


Armand-Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Duke of Richelieu, possessed 14 cats, including a black cat … Lucifer . If these cats were first acting as “derakers” in his apartments and the Royal Bookstore , the cardinal would have credited in 1636 the Royal Library, future national library, a maintenance budget of cats librarians.

Richelieu was fond of them: he was never stingy in caresses, especially, it is said, when he had great decisions to make, he fed his cats with chicken breast and made them available an entire room, as well as two domestic full time. It is even said that His Eminence would have bequeathed all of his possessions to his dear companions.

Winston Churchill

churchill black cat nelson

At 10 Downing Street in London, the official residence of the British Prime Minister has a tradition of using a cat to get rid of rodents roaming the building. The lucky winner then bears the official title of Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office .

The official records show a first Chief Mouser in 1929, but the tradition is supposed to be much older.

Employed as public servants, the precious felines are not the property of the Prime Minister in place, so it is not uncommon for Chief Mouser to have known several occupants of 10 Downing Street. Also, in 1949, when Winston Churchill succeeded Neville Chamberlain as British Prime Minister, a black cat was already installed in the residence.

Cat lovers, Churchill and his loved ones cared very affectionately, but the Prime Minister could not help but give him an ambiguous nickname: Munich Mouser , in reference to the Munich agreements, signed by his predecessor Chamberlain in 1938.

Another anecdote: as Churchill arrived at number 10 with another cat, Nelson , Munich was forced to abdicate and leave the place!

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