The 5 Best Haircuts for Women Over 40

By | March 28, 2019

What if we told you the fountain of youth has nothing to do with products, but everything to do with how you wear your hair? Take a peek at these five crops and you’ll see what we mean.

best haircuts over 40 lucy liu


Good news: If long locks are your thing, you can keep ‘em and shave a few years off your appearance, too. It’s true that hair begins to thin for all of us after 40. But cutting layers will disguise lost density since you’ll be able to style the crown and sides of your head now. Want more? Blast locks allover with a texturizing spray for even more oomph.

Charlize Theron Wavy Lob


Along with thinning, your hair becomes less elastic in your 40s so it will break more easily when stressed. But a naturally styled lob adds back bounce, by creating fullness at the bottom. (Our secret: Leaving about two inches of our ends outside the curling iron.)

Jane Fonda Modern Shag


Not only does a trendy shag haircut air-dry to perfection (just combat frizz with a smoothing lotion on damp strands), but it also adds fullness all around. You’ll get the benefits of a short cut without committing too much.

Anna Wintour Bob


We love this cut for two reasons: It masks any fine forehead lines you might be self-conscious of, and it adds body and movement back in. Bobs are also synonymous with the most sophisticated, badass ladies we can think of (ahem, certain Vogue editors).

Viola Davis Pixie


Cropping your curls doesn’t just cut your morning routine in half, but it also makes your hair healthier and shinier. Imagine getting rid of all that past damage (and hiding those stealthy little grays starting to sneak in).

Curly Pixie Cut with Bangs

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