Trafficking and theft of dogs: who are the traffickers of this network?


Some ads are not just calls for help about the loss or running away of a dog . They describe situations of distress that only those who have already lost an animal can understand.

Theft of dogs in a garden , or walking while the animal was next to his masters. Unthinkable but very real …

How can one be so cruel? How can you remove a pet from your home to make it live the worst possible atrocities? How can we afford to take a life? What’s going on in their heads at these idiots?

I tried to find out who are the dog traffickers, what are their motivations, who benefits from this traffic that is so news , and what is set up in France to neutralize it.

Who are the dog traffickers?


There are several levels of traffickers, as in the drug trade. A pyramid from the simple thief wanting to resell the dog quickly through small ads between individuals to the largest trafficker fueling a real business.

It should be noted that dog thieves act quickly, silently, in places where animals are left unattended (gardens, cars, parks, etc …) .

There are concrete examples that show that this does not happen only to others. For example, Elisabeth having been stolen “Chipie” attached to the post in front of the bakery, or Pierre leaving his dog outside every morning while he prepares to go to work or Remi who left his dog “just 5 minutes” in his car, the time to get appetizers at the supermarket corner.

I realized with my own eyes that dog traffic is operated by:

  • Immigrants from some countries , desperate to feed the traffic of their country (laboratory dogs, fur industry, reproduction, etc …) .
  • Fighting organizers who perform dog fights and are looking for “prey” to excite dogs to fight with gambling bets.
  • Resellers wishing to round off their end of the month by reselling animals quickly via small advertisements between individuals or markets.
  • The ransom seekers by operating on a kind of hostage taking of the animal.

In any case, profit is very economical and money seems to be the main motivation.

Who benefits from dog traffic?

Dog trafficking benefits several traffickers’ networks. I identified five of them:

  • To foreign laboratories . They are sold by weight and used in laboratories (because the weight of a dog is close to that of a child and his heart rate is also close to that of the child). They become test animals until they die in critical states.
  • To illegal farms . They are used to become breeding dogs in these breedings. They are abused and end up dying of cold, sickness or exhaustion. Scopes are usually sent to France.
  • To the fur industries . Some breeds are sought after for their fur. Dogs are slaughtered cold to be skinned and their fur is used to make clothes.
  • Dog fighting . They serve as fighting dogs by being abused and beaten to become aggressive. Either to become prey allowing the fighting dogs to get excited. (I was able to discuss with an activist who recovered a little Jack Russell in Seine-Saint-Denis, this one having managed to escape from a round of fights …) .
  • To ransom seekers . Very often, even if your dog has been stolen and a ransom is required, your dog is unfortunately already far away …

Actions to combat dog trafficking

The department has put in place certain measures to regulate the sale of dogs, and to discourage individuals from offering puppy litters for sale:

This order now provides that any breeder who wants to produce, and then sell, a puppy or a kitten must first declare to the Chamber of Agriculture and get a SIREN number. “.

Source: 30Millions of friends.

Very small measures in the face of increasing traffic and whose associations are constantly alerting on this subject.

But what to do ? How to annihilate dog traffic?

There are many associations and organizations that fight against dog trafficking, I think WWF, 30 Million friends, the Brigitte Bardot association, the cells of the SPA , and many others …

But despite all the efforts made by them, is it enough to stop such a network? Of course, it’s better than nothing, but can not we hit even harder?

To combat this scourge, it is “simply” recommended to individuals to be more vigilant with their dog. Never leave the animal alone, even 5 minutes. You would not do it with your children, so it must be the same with your animals.

Another precaution, if you are led to adopt a puppy, find out about its birth (especially its place …) and its origin.

The most stolen dog breeds

I have drawn up the sad list of the most stolen dog breeds in France and I have noticed that the breeds most in demand by private individuals are those most frequently victims of this traffic.

  1. Yorkshire Terrier
  2. Pit Bull
  3. German Shepherd
  4. French Bulldog
  5. Labrador Retriever
  6. Chihuahua
  7. Husky and Malamute
  8. Maltese
  9. Jack Russell Terrier
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