Why do cats sleep so much?


When your cat is resting, he alternates very short phases of deep sleep , with lighter restphases where he remains attentive to his environment.

Finally, your cat also spends long hours lying, often near a window and in height, with open eyes because he likes to observe what is happening outside.

Have you noticed that your cat is washing several times a day? In reality, nothing more normal … it is not for nothing that the cat has the reputation of being a clean animal!

But why does he need to lick again when his last toilet is only a few hours?


The answer is simple: your cat takes care of his well-being and his little person! He maintains and aerates his fur to remove dirt that has lodged, skin debris, dead hair, parasites … It’s his way of taking care of him and his health !

The toilet of the cat: what does it give him?

While licking, it spreads the sebum (fat secreted by its sebaceous glands) and makes its fur a little softer, more shiny and especially more impervious if your cat goes outside in rainy weather. In summer, it is also a way to cool off.

For your cat, doing his toilet also allows him to reassure himself, to calm down (like you after a good bath for example) .

The toilet triggers the secretion of endorphins, these hormones of well-being. Moreover, a cat who makes his toilet offers a real moment of relaxation to the one who takes the trouble to observe it.

But as anything pleasant is useful, it is also a question of balance. If your cat starts grooming in a “frenetic” way, like a mania, it’s a sign of stress, synonymous with alertness for you.

Just as a cat who neglects himself is the symptom of a cat going bad . A visit to a behaviorist or your veterinarian is then necessary.

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